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Recovery of function is possible even years after your stroke.

Your journey is not over.

From 2001 to 2007, there were over 4 million stroke related hospitalizations in the Northwest region (WA, OR, ID, AK, MT).*  A stroke can affect anyone, any time, regardless of age, race or gender.

Neuroplasticity is the key.  An individualized, workable plan in a safe and structured environment utilizes neuroplasticity to encourage recovery of function.

Sessions are tailored to your endurance and capacity to facilitate progress. Call us to see if our program is right for you.

*Northwest Regional Stroke Network


“I feel like I have more stamina. Because of my work on the Lokomat I can now walk longer distances. It's fun and hard. They push me hard but I feel better afterwards.”

Nicolas, Stroke client, Age 20