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Over 2.3 million people have MS in the world today.*

We can help improve or maintain your function.

Symptoms of multiple sclerosis are unpredictable and can vary from person to person, and from time to time in the same person. They may come and go, appear in any combination, and be mild, moderate or severe.

Sometimes the symptoms of MS make it difficult – or impossible – for you to carry out your daily activities.  Exercise can help improve your overall health while managing symptoms. We focus on maintaining flexibility while incrementally increasing stamina and strength within a safe, controlled environment.  Call us today to schedule a visit and take a look at the programs available to you.

*National MS Society


“The staff at Pushing Boundaries come up with original and clever ideas about exercising and facilitating movement. They can help trouble-shoot problems that patients have in achieving a meaningful and satisfying exercise program. This is particularly helpful when patients feel that they have already plateaued in progress with other rehabilitation services and become discouraged.”

Dr. Ted Brown MD, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
MS Center, Evergreen Hospital