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Your comprehensive paralysis rehabilitation center in the Northwest. 

Your goal is greater independence. Our goal is recovery of function. 

No two people or their situations are alike. Regardless of your function level, your type of injury, or your diagnosis, at Pushing Boundaries you can work towards recovery of sensation, function and independence through personalized programs that fit your unique phase of recovery.  For those who are not ready for an intensive program, we can still help.

Our experienced therapy team works with many neurological conditions. To learn more about your specific condition, click on the links above. If you have specific questions, please let us know.

“The physical benefits of starting a program at Pushing Boundaries are numerous, ranging from cardiovascular conditioning to improving functional activities such as walking. The psychological benefits are also numerous ranging from the direct benefits of physical activity to the knowledge that you are doing everything possible to improve your condition.”

Dr. David Yu MD, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Virginia Mason Hospital