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Recovery Centers Across The Country (and beyond):

A group of nonprofit exercise based recovery therapy centers specializing in SCI, TBI, Stroke, or similar conditions resulting in paralysis. Each facility shares the mission of Pushing Boundaries; to provide intensive exercise based therapy and support for those living with paralysis.

Each center below offers intensive customized programs to help clients maintain health and wellness while providing optimal functional return.  We are a consortium of clinics continually working together to share best practices and innovative techniques to ensure each of our clients receives optimal care.  In addition, each facility provides client and family support and networking.


Pleasanton, CA

Mooresville, NC

Riverdale, NJ

Willow Springs, IL

Canton, MA

Denver, CO (formerly SCI Recovery Project)

Beaverton, OR

Neuroworx South Jordan, UT

Tampa, FL

Regina, Canada

Beyond the Chair

CORE – Center of Recovery & Exercise


Watford, England