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No matter your ability, we have a cycle for you.

With long time strategic partneships with MotoMed®, Restorative Therapies®, and Therapeutic Alliances® we provide a comprehensive cycling program, including active and passive cycles and FES cycles for both arms and legs.

Facilitated Electro-Stimulation (FES) Bicycles (arm and leg)

FES allows persons with little or no voluntary leg movement to actively pedal a stationary leg-cycle.  Computer generated, low-level electrical pulses transmitted through surface electrodes cause coordinated contractions of your leg or arm muscles. Sensors located in the bike provide continuous feedback to a computer which controls the sequence of muscle contractions as well as the resistance to pedaling. The result is smooth and natural pedaling, with your leg or arm muscles supplying the power.

Pushing Boundaries is the Northwest testing center for Restorative Therapies™ FES bikes for home use.  If you are interested in purchasing an RTI e-stim bike for home use, please contact us for more information.