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Dear Pushing Boundaries Family,

After thirteen years of dedicated leadership, our longtime friend and Executive Director, Tricia Lazzar, will be leaving Pushing Boundaries on April 12th.

Since joining us in 2006, Tricia has accomplished much and touched so many people’s lives. We are all grateful for her unwavering support and guidance through the years.

In Tricia’s own words:

“On February 22nd, I notified the board that I will be resigning my position as Executive Director of Pushing Boundaries on April 12th. This decision has not come lightly, but I know that with the incredible staff and clients, the reach of Pushing Boundaries will continue. My time with you has truly changed my life; you are my family. I revel in your accomplishments, celebrating and cheering every step of the way, and have laid awake as I struggle with you through your challenges. We’ve shared belly laughs and we’ve shared tears, and I wouldn’t change any second of it. I am humbled.

Delivering over 65,000 hours of exercise therapy, people come from from different countries and across the nation to participate in our program. We have the support of the rehab and medical community who have seen their patients recover function, independence and a renewed lease on the future. Universities in Washington, Oregon, Montana and Alabama have sent their Exercise Science students to intern with us. We hosted a conference in 2014 that brought international researchers together to speak with the paralysis community about the advances they are working on to cure paralysis. Our social media presence reaches over 100,000 people a week, bringing inspiration and excitement to so many. Our own community has come together, and we have raised almost 2.5 million dollars in donations during my tenure to ensure Pushing Boundaries remains available to everyone.

Our support services reach over 100 countries and we get calls and emails from all over the world seeking assistance with services in their own communities… and we have responded to every single one. Because of the impact Pushing Boundaries has in our own community, I was asked by the US State Department to travel to Egypt to discuss best practices in disability rights, services, and access. I met with the Egyptian parliament, the US Embassy, and non-profit leaders to teach them how to incorporate our best practices into their services to the community.

While I am proud of all our accomplishments during my 13 years as director, I am most proud of the dedicated and inspired staff who have represented Pushing Boundaries with dignity, professionalism and class, and the clients who have given their all to push their own boundaries to discover what is possible. I am continuing to work with the paralysis community on a national level and hope that we all stay in continued communication. You have all been so inspirational to me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for teaching me how true and dear friendships can be. I will always be a proud warrior for the mission and vision of Pushing Boundaries.” ~Tricia

Countless numbers of people, organizations, and communities have been impacted by the strong leadership and passion Tricia has unselfishly given to Pushing Boundaries over the years, and for this we say “Thank you!” The world is a better place because of you, Tricia, and your impact will always be felt in our hearts.

Moving forward, we are in the process of searching for our new Execute Director. We’re dedicated to hiring someone who will continue the passion and drive that Tricia has lead the organization with for so many years. We have hired an interim Executive Director and the leadership transition company Valtas Group to help us in this search. We will keep everyone informed as we migrate through the process.

I’d like to extend my personal thanks to each one of you for supporting Pushing Boundaries in our important mission to change people’s lives through rehabilitative exercise therapy. Because of you, we continue to make a huge difference for many.

With gratitude on behalf of the Pushing Boundaries Board Members,

Barry Long
Pushing Boundaries Board Chairman