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Armeo®Spring Fund Drive


ArmeoSpring 0340The Armeo®Spring by Hocoma allows clients to actively test and increase their current limits of range of motion, strength and endurance to expedite recovery.  Those with limited strength and mobility in their arms are able to actively interact with computer programs designed to improve function.  Every movement is tracked and the data is easily used to monitor improved performance. Hand – eye coordination and biofeedback is a key component to relearning how to coordinate movements. The Armeo®Spring utilizes these tools to optimize a person’s potential in an encouraging and fun environment.

There is no technology like this available
anywhere in the Pacific Northwest.

ArmeoSpring 1315No two individual’s bodies respond to therapy in the same way.  Hand and arm impairments, however, ARE universal to every neurological condition. Improving function of hands and arms are critical in a person’s ability to successfully accomplish many activities of daily living (ADLs), thus increasing independence.

80% of our clients will benefit from this technology NOW.
And YOU can make it happen.

Tremendous response came from our clients who have had the opportunity to work with this unit.  Obtaining funding is critical to bring this technology to our community.  Ultimately, a financial investment will ensure that clients from all across the greater Northwest will significantly advance their own recovery journey.

Here are a few comments our community has said about the Armeo®Spring:

“I can barely sustain 1lb with my wrist, so it is always incredibly discouraging to work on it.  The Armeo adapted to what I could do, and made it really fun to stretch myself in the game”  Amin L., Charcot-Marie-ToothFishing Exercise_7685 resized

“Since I am unable to squeeze or open my hands very much at all, it was exciting to be able to see my hand pick up and move items [on the video screen].”  Bonnie L., Spinal Cord Injury

“You have no idea how long I have waited to play a video game!”  Sean D., Multiple Sclerosis

“I was able to use my arms for the very first time [since my accident].  My shoulders loosened right up and the next day I was sore from a great workout!”  Bryce WG., Spinal Cord Injury

Together, let’s bring this technology to our community.
Your donation today will make this happen.  Click on the Donate Now button on the top of the page.