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Should I have a home exercise program?


There are a lot of benefits to daily, regular exercise. The reality is that there may be a lot more exercise you can do at home, with or without assistance. If you are able to go to a gym or utilize caregivers to help you with a home program, great! The more supplemental exercise and range of motion you can get the better.  We are able to help design a home exercise program for you and train caregivers on how to assist you in implementing that program at home.

Remember: The more you are able to do at home, the more high energy, creative and “out of the box” recovery therapy can happen here.  At Pushing Boundaries, we specialize in recovery therapy programs. Every program is designed, monitored and implemented by a team of therapists, with the facility, equipment and environment that give you the opportunity to participate in therapy that is unavailable to you at home or in a regular gym setting. The combined expertise of our staff, with the equipment available at our facility, provides you with a complete, balanced recovery based therapy program.

Keep in mind that the high intensity, recovery program at Pushing Boundaries is completely different than any program that can be implemented at home. Here you will be participating in activities utilizing a wide array of specialized equipment and an entire team of qualified staff to assist you. We work seamlessly as part of your existing medically based team (doctors, physical and occupational therapists, etc.). At Pushing Boundaries you have several professionals involved with your program and the hands available to deliver a safe, comprehensive program.

We also recognize that because of the intensity of our program, sometimes working at home is better suited for you in the beginning. We know several independent trainers in the community that can help. Just give us a call and we can discuss which one might be right for you. If you are planning on independently hiring someone to exercise with you, make sure they are able to provide you with all the documentation demonstrating they carry all the necessary professional licensing and insurance. Your safety should be your highest concern. If you would like us to put you in touch with someone whom we have already verified, please give us a call. That’s why we are here.