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I live out of state. Is there something available closer to me?

Let’s find out!  This is what our Support Center is for; helping to find what you need easily. While many people, after learning of our services, decide to relocate either short or long term to participate, we are very well connected to an excellent teamwork of facilities around the country (and overseas as well!) that provide Exercise Therapy based programs.

Our checklist is lengthy; in fact we have personally visited many of the centers we recommend. We learn of the qualifications of staff, services and programs offered, cost of services, and whether they operate as a nonprofit organization. Our philosophy is to recommend only the most trustworthy, affordable, comprehensive and ethical options available to you.

If we wouldn’t send our parent, sibling, child or best friend there, we won’t send you there either.  For a list of these Pushing Boundaries approved centers, click here.