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I had a spinal cord injury. Will I walk again?

This is an excellent question. We are asked this all the time. The good news is, nobody knows.

Every single one of our clients since 2005 is completely different than the last. There are many intricacies involved with every injury. What we do know is that at Pushing Boundaries you will be given every opportunity to achieve strength and independence while working hard to encourage the return of function.

New science and technologies appear every day, and we are on the verge of U.S. clinical trials.  Only those in optimum health will be eligible for these trials and we intend to provide the most eligible candidates when that time comes. The point is that what is possible today will be completely different tomorrow.  And the next day.  And the day after that.

At Pushing Boundaries, you will have an entire team of people in your corner doing everything possible to allow you to improve as quickly and as much as possible.  We also have our finger on the pulse of what’s next in regenerative medicine.  Let’s get together and see what’s possible.