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How do I pay for services?

Pushing Boundaries only charges for one of the many services available; exercise therapy programs.  Our full service support center and all community outreach and education services are free to the public and are available to anyone needing assistance.

Self pay
Clients prepay for therapy services on a monthly basis.  The prepaid deposit is due by the 10th of each month, and this deposit is then applied to the monthly invoice generated on the last day of the month for the services received.  Our support center is also available to assist you with finding grants or starting your own fundraising. Click on our Support Center tab and browse Finance.

Although therapy programs are self-paid (monthly), in many cases insurance providers reimburse for services. Please come in for a visit and we can discuss options available to you.

Services are also covered by Medicaid through the New Freedom program.  Public  Partnerships, LLC (PPL) has contracted with the Department of Social &  Health Services (DSHS) to serve as the Financial Management Services provider  for the New Freedom Program.  New Freedom  is a voluntary Medicaid funded program that allows eligible participants, including  elders and adults with disabilities, to receive services in their home and  community, while managing their own service plan and budget.

Any person who meets functional and financial eligibility criteria to receive in-home services under Washington’s Medicaid long-term care waiver programs is eligible to be enrolled in New Freedom (NF). Currently the NF waiver program is limited to eligible individuals who reside in King and Pierce Counties.  To learn more about this program, click here.

If you recieve Medicaid dollars and wish to enroll in this program, click here.

Siimilarly, Veteran Directed Home Services (VDHS) is a new service delivery model funded  through the Veteran’s Administration (VA) as an alternative to nursing facility  care.  The program provides eligible  Veterans the opportunity to receive home and community-based services to enable  them to continue to live in their homes and communities.  These VA funded  services are available state-wide and are coordinated and delivered by four  Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) in Western Washington:  Olympic AAA, Pierce  County ALTC, King County ADS, and NW Regional Council.  If you are a veteran and wish to enroll in this program, click here.

Give us a call and schedule a site visit; contact us to learn more about your payment options.