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Do you require anything from me in order to start?

Yes. Every client participating in our exercise program must have a medical release form completed from their physician. Also, if you have been non weight bearing for more than 12 months, we require that you obtain a bone density scan in order to participate in weight bearing activities. This can be ordered by your physician. They will need to evaluate the results in order to complete the medical release form.  Forms are provided during your site visit.

If you have just been released from the hospital or your injury is recent, the bone density test is not required. However, we HIGHLY recommend that you schedule a bone density scan yearly as part of your wellness checkup. Bone density is reduced at a much faster rate in the non-weight bearing individual and it is important to your all over health to keep abreast of changes that may occur in the future. Having a bone density test soon after your injury or diagnosis will give you a baseline for years to come.

If your physician or rehabilitation has not heard of our program, please have them call us for more information.  Physicians and rehabilitation teams tour our facility frequently to see firsthand the services we provide.  It is very important that we have open communication with your current team so that the best and most comprehensive program can be designed for you.